Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm mainly looking for is a friend

Me: funny, adventurous, talkative, curious, shy to begin with but opens up in time, sarcastic, kind, loves dogs but allergic to cats, energetic.

You: patient, sweet, understanding, able to have a conversation, passionate about something, intellegent, considerate, romantic, has goals, fun!

I'm trying to get out and discover more about the city I've spent most of my life in, broadening my horizons, love to travel(Just got back from Europe and it was awesome!), and trying to spend time with my friends and family who are very dear to me.

I think what I'm mainly looking for is a friend first and foremost, someone I can really click with, who I can talk to about anything and everything, someone who is patient and kindhearted, a guy who'll make time to be with me, a sense of humour is great too ;) I would love to have first dp with some guy! He'll have a good head on his shoulders and is hopefully passionate about something. Mutual attraction is important as well, looks aren't everything but unfortunately we know we're all being judged on them.

I'm anything but simple. Best of luck to you!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm well rounded...

I consider myself a well-rounded, kind-hearted person. I am extremely goal-oriented and work hard to achieve goals that I set for myself. I am looking to find someone who is down to earth, has a strong work ethic, is family and friend oriented, and is passionate about what they do and who they are. As mentioned in my interests section, I enjoy a variety of activities and would love to find someone who shares some of those interests and of course, can possibly expose me to some new and exciting things! I'm looking for that guy that can relish with me in the good times, and comfort me in the bad times. I work in the Education field, and as a result do not feel comfortable posting my picture. I have pictures. If interested, feel free to drop me an email and I can send some your way. Best of Luck in your Search!